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Next Lean Six Sigma Project!!

Should CI professional always be working on projects? If so, why? Is it for creating value or to add the projects to our CVs?

The following does not apply to all but rather a learning from the market.

Individuals: Look at Lean Six Sigma as a CERTIFICATE to advance in their career, a skill that many organization require or preferred from the individual to have.

Organization: See Lean Six Sigma as head count reduction tools, reduce cost on the short term. LSS measured on how many projects executed, completed, failed..etc. rather than focusing on the true value generated.

Lean Six Sigma is a management strategy, change management, change way of thinking not just $ (either in Cost reduction, investment…etc.) and so we noticed big misconception in the recent years on Lean Six Sigma. It changed from Culture Change to project based methogolgy, IT IS NOT.

Lean six sigma give you the structure to follow to tackle an opportunity (not always a problem), it supports you with hundreds of tools but you need to be knowledgeable enough to know which one to use (not to memorize every single one of them). You do NOT have to apply the same tools every project nor you have to apply all the tools every time (some are more common than others)

We noticed also that Individuals start focusing on certifications but when they face a real opportunity, they freezeL, guess what, it is not all theoretical. In matter of fact, 10% only the tools while the 90% is the culture, part of the culture is explaining WIIFM (What in it for me?) and why I should use it, how can apply (5W&H) to work on the buy-in.

Not all projects are Six Sigma, Kaizen, DFSS, PDCA, A3, 5S…etc.

Lean Six Sigma is not ONE size fits all, you need to adapt it your organization, you need to sell/market it and you need to secure the buy in from employees before management. Really, employees before management? YES. Management buy in is important but employees buy in is ESSENTIAL.

We would like to call it Continuous Improvement instead of Lean Six Sigma but , unfortunately, there no certificate as Continuous Improvement professional so we see the Six Sigma and Lean are the well-known terms, not just because the certificate but for many other different reasons.

What is your thoughts? do you see the same in your organization? do you recieve enough coaching on you CI?please share.

CI is about culture

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